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lazy sunday and 2017

Sunday, 12:37. 
In this cold and rainy sunday, I chose to spend the day at home, on my sofa, writing, making lists, reading and meditating about the upcoming week. 

I just finished PMSing and I am now surprisingly in a very good mood. I loved celebrating new years with my best friend and discovering Copenhagen a week before that. For 2017, I wish to read more, swim more and go to more lectures. I’ve been doing that for the last two weeks so i’m quite happy with myself. 


For some unknown reason, I feel calm. I have a lot to do, internships to find and exams to pass but I feel very positive and hopefully, I will get shit done this year. 

I guess music helped. I’ve been listening to Angel Olsen for the past two weeks. All of her three albums and man, she now has my heart. I was so happy to see that she would be playing live in June that I immediately bought a ticket. If you’re interested, my favorite tracks are : The Waiting, Lonely Universe, Unfucktheworld, Windows, Stars, Iota, Woman, Those were the days, SISTER. 

Everything I guess. You listen to her voice, the peaceful electric guitar, the powerful lyrics and the very subtle bass and suddenly you’re transported and wish to never come back. 

I read Wuthering Heights last week, without finding it as depressing as everyone says. I actually enjoyed it very much. Sure, the characters are full of flaws but interesting enough to portray and analyze. I loved how gothic this novel was and the fact that nature was the biggest character of all. Us millennials don’t realize that once – and even today in some countries – life was ruled by nature and men were quite powerless when facing it.


I though I would capture my life today, in the beginning of 2017.
My apartment, belongings and state of mind. 

As you can see, i’m still very dreamy.

I’ve been wearing this sweater a lot. It’s comfy, blue and so warm (also from pull&bear if you’re interested). I smell like Chanel N5 and will for the rest of my life. The only accessories I wear are my watch – while being late ALL THE TIME – and my hoop silver earrings.

My room is simple, yet always messy. The Monet painting is the first thing I look at when I come out of bed. My record collection is growing. My bookshelf is a mess and needs some serious organizing. 

The smell of coffee in the morning is still one of my favorite things.
So is this Virginia Woolf mug.


On my Reading List for January and February : 


“Now so long, Marianne.
It’s time that we began to laugh
And cry and cry and laugh about it all again”


What’s up

November is so close, and I’m so excited !!!

I really enjoy this time of the year : wearing big overcoats, drinking 6 cups of tea/coffee a day (lately, I have been enjoying white tea and honey), sitting in cafés, not knowing when the sun will be rising, spending the day out, where it is cold but kinda nice and then going back to my warm and comfortable bed (yes I enjoy routine haha). 

The last week was busy but great. I recovered from a big cold but got my period (you can’t always get what you want). I studied a bit more than usually cause I’m starting to realize that finals are so close and I really need to rock this semester. 

I’m going to Paris next week and then Amsterdam the week after, and I’m so excited cause it has always seemed to me like Amsterdam was my dream city. I’ll try to document those days and maybe post some of my favorite moments. 

Also, as you guys may know, I’m very fond of music, so here are the albums I enjoyed listening to lately (some are new – or new to me – and some have been close to my heart for a while) 

– Beach House has always been one of my favorite bands and I always enjoy listening to Teen Dreams (the entire album sounds like heaven to me) and I also like Depression Cherry very much (how perfect is PPP ?!!) 

– BOY’s Mutual Friends is the album that i enjoy listening to when i feel particularly happy (which is the case i guess) 

– Car Seat Headrest … well this is new (to me), I listened to those 2 albums (Teens of Style and Teens of Denial) and some other songs from previous albums and i really enjoy the lo-fi vibe, the lyrics and Will Toledo’s deep dark voice. The band will be playing in Paris in March 2017 and i certainly will be there !

– Angel Olsen’s Half Way Home is not her most recent album but definitely my favorite ! Go check The waiting

Playlist #1 – Songs to listen to when you’re sick AF

– New Order – Leave me Alone 
– She and Him – London 
– Tom Odell – Supposed to be
– The Radio Dept. – Keen on boys
– The Radio Dept. – Pulling our Weight

– The National – Gospel
– The Mamas and the papas – Dream a little dream of me 

– Adele – Lovesong
– Air – Highschool lover 
– Alex Turner – Glass in the park 
– The Beatles – It’s only love 
– Peter von Poehl – The story of the impossible 
– Tobias Jesso Jr – Without you

20 Albums that changed my life


  1. The Beatles – Help was the first Beatles album that i listened to and the CD version of it that i have belonged to my uncle.
  2. The Beatles – Beatles for Sale 
  3. Oasis – What’s the story morning glory 
  4. The Smiths – The Queen Is Deadi still remember the first time i listened to this record, i found it so powerful and Morrissey’s voice was completely different from anything i’ve heard before.
  5. Françoise Hardy – Best Of 
  6. The Kinks – Best Of 
  7. The Doors
  8. Jeff Buckley – Grace 
  9. Leonard Cohen – Best Hits 
  10. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures 
  11. New Order – Lies, Power and Corruption 
  12. Marie Antoinette – Soundtrack
  13. Tom Odell – Long way down
  14. The Smiths – Louder than bombs
  15. New Order – Substance 87 
  16. The Theory of everything – Soundtrack
  17. David Bowie – Heroes, this album contains everything i love about Bowie
  18. Dustin O’Halloran – Like Crazy 
  19. Alex Turner – Submarine
  20. The Smiths – Meat is murder 
  21. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 

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