Who do you want to be in 5 years ?  

Marie’s List

  1. Parachute jumping
  2. Bungee-jumping
  3. Go to the Reunion and see the island from a helicopter
  4. Go back to Moscow 
  5. Be better at cooking 
  6. Lean more about Cinema 
  7. Do a safari
  8. Be more active 
  9. Hot air ballooning
  10. Go to the Louvre
  11. Visit the Mont Saint Michel
  12. See more of Brittany 

My List

  1. Write a book (novel, essay, short story) 
  2. Go to Vietnam 
  3. Read everything written by Albert Camus 
  4. Play an instrument
  5. Publish a scientific article 
  6. Fall in love
  7. Do some travelling with my mom
  8. See more of Africa  
  9. Drive a vespa in Italy with Maria 
  10. Own more plants
  11. Visit the Mont Saint Michel