Hello again.

It has been a while but I was so busy with university and exams that writing seemed impossible. Fortunately, it’s now part of the past and I can enjoy the next two weeks stress free.

I’m writing from Copenhagen and staying in the city for 5 days. I’ll be honest, It is cold as fuck. However, people here are so damn nice that I don’t even care about having three layers of clothes on. 

I really love it here.
Last weeks were rough, i was extremely stressed about my exams and emotionally exhausted. Winter depression hit me hard and time was not running fast enough. 

I’m better now. I guess i’m always happier when i’m travelling. Spending time with friends from the past is also very refreshing, it makes you realize how much you have changed without  feeling particularly different. 

Like I said, last weeks were pretty blue, I didn’t go to the movies much but I finally saw Fantastic Beats and : Mehh. I also went through a Winona Rider obsession and re-watched my favorites movies with her : Girl Interrupted, Edward Scissorhands and Heathers. 

I have been listening to the same music all over again but my current favorites are : The Radio Dept., Feist, Angel Olsen, Weezer. 

Next book on my reading list, a french 2014 novel : Réparer les vivants – “Maylis de Kerangal” – I actually saw  and really enjoyed the movie adaptation a few months ago and I’ve had great feedbacks from people who read the novel. It’s basically a transplant story. You get to follow two people, one is dying and the other is getting a second chance to live a decent life. It is supposed to be medically accurate, very touching and disturbing so I’m looking forward to read it. 

Greetings from Copenhagen ! Here is me looking very sassy at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.