November is so close, and I’m so excited !!!

I really enjoy this time of the year : wearing big overcoats, drinking 6 cups of tea/coffee a day (lately, I have been enjoying white tea and honey), sitting in cafés, not knowing when the sun will be rising, spending the day out, where it is cold but kinda nice and then going back to my warm and comfortable bed (yes I enjoy routine haha). 

The last week was busy but great. I recovered from a big cold but got my period (you can’t always get what you want). I studied a bit more than usually cause I’m starting to realize that finals are so close and I really need to rock this semester. 

I’m going to Paris next week and then Amsterdam the week after, and I’m so excited cause it has always seemed to me like Amsterdam was my dream city. I’ll try to document those days and maybe post some of my favorite moments. 

Also, as you guys may know, I’m very fond of music, so here are the albums I enjoyed listening to lately (some are new – or new to me – and some have been close to my heart for a while) 

– Beach House has always been one of my favorite bands and I always enjoy listening to Teen Dreams (the entire album sounds like heaven to me) and I also like Depression Cherry very much (how perfect is PPP ?!!) 

– BOY’s Mutual Friends is the album that i enjoy listening to when i feel particularly happy (which is the case i guess) 

– Car Seat Headrest … well this is new (to me), I listened to those 2 albums (Teens of Style and Teens of Denial) and some other songs from previous albums and i really enjoy the lo-fi vibe, the lyrics and Will Toledo’s deep dark voice. The band will be playing in Paris in March 2017 and i certainly will be there !

– Angel Olsen’s Half Way Home is not her most recent album but definitely my favorite ! Go check The waiting