Today is safe abortion day and hopefully, someday, it will be possible for all women around the world to choose what’s right for them.

47,000 women die annually from complications through unsafe terminations of pregnancy (according to UN Women). That’s an alarming number.

However, i feel so lucky to be living in the time where anything seems possible and even deep skeptics (like myself) can imagine a better world where people are free to choose their way of living without being judged by the law or by society. 

Abortion is indeed a delicate topic : of course it’s hard and painful and it questionnes our right to interfere with life itself but it’s a fact that all countries and cultures need to accept and action must be taken.

I personally chose to encourage women’s freedom of will and body. 


Nowadays, humanity is way beyond nature and it’s so exciting to see men recreating social codes and pushing individuals to be their honest and best selves. 

As a woman and as an actor in health, i’m planning to work hard for accessible, legal and safe abortion.

You can visit this website for more information on the global day of action :