It’s currently 21:56.
I’m in Rennes, FRANCE.

I’ve finished season 10 of Friends. AGAIN. I also went to the hospital and learnt about terrifying genetical diseases and how to diagnose it. I took a nape, worked for a bit and went to M’s to make crepes with F. I am now home. Just made myself an infusion and i’m still listening to David Bowie. 

Quick update on The Bell Jar : i read the first 2 chapters and i’m so far enjoying it. It made me think of The Catcher in the Rye and i realize now how much i enjoy reading novels where the narration is done by the main character. 

I went to the movies yesterday and saw Xavier Dolan’s Juste la fin du monde. It was beautifully shot, the soundtrack was fine, the cast was very good but i’m not quite sure about how i feel about this film.


(Spoiler Alert)

This movie made me quite inconfortable : the shouting, the bitterness, the awkwardness between family members and the obvious lack of comprehension between Louis’ world and the others.

To sum up : Louis is 34 and hasn’t seen his family (mother, sister and brother) in 12 years. He’s back for a Sunday lunch to announce that he is dying. 

It was very interesting to see how Catherine (Louis’ sister in law) – that he was meeting for the first time – was the one to see him as he was and to understand what he was too afraid to say. 

Antoine (Louis’ brother) made me super inconfortable. He was scary and, beside from the end of the movie, i couldn’t see the interest of him speaking screaming.

At first, i was trying really hard to concentrate and then one scene, one flashback was truly magical. After that, i couldn’t love the movie nothing was good enough for me to forget that scene. 

I’m glad i’ve seen it, because it’s about nostalgia, saying goodbye and reliving old memories that you thought were gone forever. You also have this character who chose to build a completely different life from his family because himself felt different and not fit for the place he had : i have felt like that for a very long time.

Also, life is not made of perfect scenarios : it is made of imperfect, resentful and angry people who are hurt, lost and who can’t always understand each other. 

PS : Xavier Dolan is a very talented Canadian filmmaker. Please watch J’ai tué ma mère, Mommy and his other movies.